November 30, 2022

A Twitter user has recounted what his father said to his mother when they moved into the new house his father built.

Reacting to a tweet discussing how words can hurt, @OlaminiyiB wrote:

“The day we moved to our house at ayobo in 2005, my dad told my mum to look at the whole house, how big it was, then he told her that her #5 wasn’t spent on the building of the house. Mum cried and went to buy a broom and waste bin so she can atleast say she owns something.”

He added: “This is a woman that is from a well to do home, she had a good job at eko hotel before he came along, she had to quit her job after he insisted on it because of the kids, and you felt it was okay to say that to her?
Anyway, fast forward to 2009, fashola demolished the house.

“The plot twist is where we stay right now at sango, was sponsored 90% by the money my mum got from her late father’s properties. She still has not reminded him.”

See a screenshot of his post below:-

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