January 28, 2023

Police in the FCT has arrested five people who went to the Wuse District Hospital, claiming that one of them had been infected with the coronavirus. 

Five Arrested For Lying About Contracting Corona Virus In Abuja
The suspects are named as Peggy Shandi (M), Abayomi Adedoyin (M), David Gold Enemigin (M) Priscilla AJesola (F) and Jacob Oji (M).

The FCT Department of Public Health has reiterated that there is no confirmed case of Coronavirus in the FCT and advised n calm.

The Director of Public Health, Dr Josephine Okechukwu, said the prank led to panic and confusion as well as a disruption of normal health service delivery at the hospital.

He added that the action of the alleged pranksters was very wrong as it was capable of creating pandemonium in a hospital environment where the alleged action took place.

She said that if such false information was released on social media, it would do great damage not just to the FCT but the country at large.Coronavirus

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