November 30, 2022

So early this week I was watching the re-show of the SoundCity award.

I was actually expecting a better award ceremony than the Headies Awards hoping Soundcity will learn from the mistakes of the Headies.

Firstly, it was reported that the show started unusually late. The Headies even started earlier but here at the SoundCity MVP, the show took a long time to kick off. Some minutes to 1am?

Yet another shameful aspect of the award was the production. Both SoundCity and the Headies should take a loss for this.

The sound quality was unimpressive and also the video quality for people watching at home from their TVs was so poor as people complained bitterly.

And while there was a contrast with the Headies too, where most of the winners failed to show up, artistes who won awards at the SoundCity MVP Awards were present to accept their awards.

It’s hard to choose which of these award still has an impact on the Nigerian music scene as both are struggling with relevance and credibility.


But still, if you’re to pick the one that should be scrapped 

Between Headies Awards And SoundCity MVP Awards, Which One Should Be Scrapped?

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