March 27, 2023

Social media is currently on fire as Speed Darlington has promised to get Tunde Ednut deported back to Nigeria.

For many months now, Speedy has warned Tunde Ednut not to post anything about him on his page but the controversial Instagram blogger won’t just listen to Akpi.

So, yesterday, Tunde Ednut posted that he made Speed Darlington known by constantly posting about him on his platform.

Below is what he posted:-

Speedy Darlington Responded

Well, this didn’t go well with Speed Darlington at all and he unleashed serious swear on the controversial blogger.

Speedy even promised to get him deported back to Nigeria from the US if he doesn’t stop posting about him.


According to Akpi, he said he’s currently in Nigeria and will spend just N50,000 on a hungry Babalawo that will destroy Tunde Ednut’s blogging career 

Watch the Video below:-

Video Player00:0001:15


Speedy is not joking at all 

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