March 22, 2023

In a bitterly cold Tuesday night, Manchester City beat Man United 3 – 1 at Old Trafford in the Carabao cup first leg (Watch the Highlight here)

“Man United are the biggest club in the world” – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said ahead of the Manchester derby.

However what we saw last night were a group of players unmotivated, lazy & confused about what to do next.

The first half in particular was a horror show as City dominated and scored some beautiful goals. Alex Ferguson, United’s most successful manager who is a regular visitor to Old Trafford, must have been thinking – WHAT IS THIS?!

Ed Woodward too, the club’s chief executive was visibly irritated.

After the match,  Solskjær said:

“I am still in that phase. This is a young team and we are learning. It needs to stick and it will stick and the second half at least gives me something to believe in.”

Only time will tell. But if Man United fans are honest so far this season, things are heading in the wrong direction and may only get worse. The players are lacking ideas of their own and it is the job of the manager to fix that and he hasn’t.

United rivals Arsenal waited too long with ex coach Unai Emery and everybody saw the damage he caused.

In my own opinion, Man United are in dire need of changes in the squad; they need a midfielder, a striker and even another defender to pair expensive signing Harry Maguire.

They also need a new manager.


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