January 28, 2023

Rosemary Mapisila, 25, did not return 30 minutes after she told her husband, Jonathan Ngwende, 27, that she had gone to the toilet, he decided to follow, but to his shock he found her having sex with his landlord’s son in a pit latrine.

Ngwende told the Matero court that he called neighbours to witness the incident which occurred on October 31 at around 05:00 hours.

He was giving evidence against Steven Ntenge, 25, whom he sued for compensation for adultery.

Facts before the court were that Ngwende is a tenant at Ntenge’s father’s house. “I noticed that Ntenge’s door opened a few minutes after my wife went to the toilet.

I wondered why my wife took long at the toilet. I followed out of curiosity only to find her having sex with Ntenge,” he said.

A visibly disappointed Ngwende clad in a blue T-shirt and black trousers’ told the court that Ntenge’s family was shocked to learn of the unfortunate incident and even scolded him (Ntenge).

He said,

“my wife confesses that she slept with Ntenge because we don’t have a child in our marriage”.

But Ntenge who was clad in a black and white jumper and blue jeans refuted the allegations and said that he accidentally opened the door to the pit latrine and turned back when he discovered that Ngwende’s wife was in there.

“I did not sleep with Mapisila. Ngwende found me outside the toilet and started shouting that I slept with his wife. I did not know that his wife was in the toilet until opened the door,” he said.

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Mapisila told the court that she admitted sleeping with Ntenge so that her husband should forgive her. She said she was forced to admit to quell the situation and make peace between her husband and Ntenge.

Magistrate Ruth Masanga sitting magistrate Nancy Ngoma adjourned the case to November 13 for judgement.

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