November 29, 2022

A Twitter user identified as Abeni took to her handle to make a shocking revelation. According to Abeni, she hates older Nigerian women, the chef, however, did give her reasons for the statement.

According to Abeni, older Nigerian women tend to slut-shame young ladies a lot, cover rapists and have zero empathy in them. To Abeni, older women are ‘always trash’.

In her words;

“I have a deep hatred for older Nigerian women because they are wicked. They have no love for young girls and that’s that on that. If you’re not their typical textbook ‘good girl’ then they want every bad thing to happen to you so they can say ‘I told you so’

It’s older Nigerian women that will cover rapists. They are the ones that will victim blame and slut-shame. They are just the worst ! They have zero empathy and they think that’s the work Jesus sent them.

Every time something bad happens to a young Nigerian girl just lean back and observe .
Their take, opinions, everything. Always trash”

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