August 13, 2022

Dealing with seductive spirit is good for a lady suffering from the crisis of people eager to sleep with her, but never wanting to date her.

Some ladies go through this issue, and it could be heartbreaking at the later stage of their life; when they are set to marry, and all what guys want from them is sex.

I don’t even mean sex while dating, which is wrong, but I mean people wanting to sleep with you alone and never wishing or wanting to date you.

So no matter how you cook, dress, even dress decently, behave nicely, and so on, every guy or most guys see you as someone that will be sweet in bed. It is indeed terrible!!.

I will advise such ladies to pray and fast against the spirit of seduction in them.

This kind of fasting may be for 7 days, with reading of the Bible and much prayers.

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