November 30, 2022

Hello Guys,

Happy New Week, May God bless our hustles.

So far this year, you must have learnt some lesson but read this post will earn yo another one.

Above picture are 2 young men of Nigerian descent who made headlines in 2019 for 2 very different reasons.

Interestingly, they are both age mates. But their turnaround stories are worth noting.

On the left is the heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua who a few months ago, lost to Andy Ruiz and the internet was filled with scoffs and memes about how “it’s not about 6 pack etc.” but he went back to the drawing board and came back stronger and better to win back the title and be crowned king of the ring.

On the right is Invictus Obi who earlier in the year adorned the cover of Forbes magazine as one of the top 30 Nigerians under 30 to watch.

However, his glamorous image was soon tarnished when the FBI released information stating that he had no legitimate form of business and that his wealth had been amassed through wire fraud in the US.

Just a few months after he was celebrated on Forbes, a court in Nigeria ordered all his wealth to be forfeited and his shameful story made headlines all over the world.

One went from defeat to victory. The other went from fame to shame.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to do things the right way.

There may be ups and downs, but there are no shortcuts. And if it isn’t an honest days work, it will not end well.

When you play an honest game, even if you lose, you still sleep better at night.

And when you win; it is a true victory well earned.

Young Nigerians; I encourage you to shun dishonesty in all your affairs.

Play a straight game, and bring home the victory.

We are rooting for you.

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