January 31, 2023

Hello Guys,

Everyday comes with it’s own opportunity. Although there is a popular saying that goes thus “opportunity comes just once“.

It’s good to work hard and spend money wisely oo. I’m of the strong belief that people can get rich overnight and it all depends on the type of choices they make when they are being left with making business decisions.

Imagine someone who wants to support your hustle decides to lend you a whooping N50M to invest in any business of your choice but you have to pay back the N50M back in a space of one year.

Whatever the profit is in a year will forever be yours. Remember there is always an opportunity in every challenge.


So the bone of contention here is 

If Someone Is Lending You N50M To Pay Back In A Year, How Would You Invest It?

Lets see who has the best business sense

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