January 28, 2023

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Pls house, I nid a quick response to this……. Only have 8hrs left

There was dis beautiful girl at my former working place,,,, we hardly talk to each other — maybe 2ce a month. (Greeting only)

I have a crush on her bt am a fearing man type, afraid to approached a girl cause I will feel down if rejected ( dats my problem) …………… Story short……….

1 of my former mate is celebrating her birthday today ( Sunday) … I went there dis morning ND behold d Girl called me ND ask me she wanted something from me today since she has nt been seeing me around….

I told her I will make sure she get everything she wanted at d birthday ( food ND drinks)….

She decline ND said NO,,,, she said she wanted something from me personally

Guyz pls, can u guess Wat is it DAT she want from me,,, is it just friendly asking or Wat am thinking cause I want to approach her 1st b4 she ask me anything………

How Can I Counter Her, How Shld I Go Abt It

I Will Be In The Comment Section.

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