March 24, 2023

The uses of street slangs among Nigerians has now become a social norm, as almost all calibers of people get to use in their daily life.

With the high number of slangs that were curated in the year 2019 alone, Naijaloaded offers a run-down of significant Lambas/Slangs that were commonly used by Nigerians.

The top 5 popular slangs that were shortlisted are;


O’Por Yeah!” This is the most popularized slang of the year 2019, it is a core street slang that literally means “Plentiful” but it was never used in that context on the street of Nigeria.

On the street “O’Por” is usually used to acknowledge that something “Makes Sense”  and when someone says it to you, it means they’re proud of you for your achievements.

It was popularized mainly by Nigerian street artistes in general, giving to a particular artiste might be so biased, and might not even portray the truth.

Inside Life

Inside Life, lo ti ri ______? Virtually everybody can complete those lyrics. Making us believe, the Marlians leader, Naira Marley is the pioneer and curator of this “Inside Life” slang.

On the street “Inside Life” will only be used if and only if something Awkward or unexpected happens.

When an event that looks very rare and impossible happens, then you hear people say “Inside Life” meaning it is only in this world, you are going something like this.

Mad Oo

This slang is not actually from the core street of Nigeria, it was said to have been curated by the posh-street people of Nigeria. Posh-street is those that are not fully streetizen and they can’t fully fit into the Posh life too.

Mad Oo” is mainly used to express “Surprise” and Astonishment when you hear good news about someone dear to you, be it friends, or families. It literally means “WOW

Gbas Gbos

If you are a frequent user of Twitter, the origination of “Gbas Gbos” shouldn’t be blurry to you at all. The slang was curated on twitter and it’s usually used as a reaction to a very deep savage response.

Gbas Gbos” was coined from the sound of a very hot jab or punch from 2 different fighters. “Gbas” which represent the sound from this first fighter punch and “Gbos” represents the sound from the retaliation punch of the second fighter.

Gbe Body Eh

Gbe soul Eh! At first, the slang “Gbe Body Eh” was meant to be a dance move, where you have to jump up and throw one leg in the air showing you are still agile and able-bodied.

But of late it has turn to a slang with a very deep meaning, now when someone said to you “Gbe Body Eh” they ain’t expecting you to do a dance move, it means you should make a significant move in your life either, Financially, Economically or other-cally depending on which context they used it in.

Above are the top 5 slangs we shortlisted to have been the most commonly used ones amongst Nigerians either orally or on social media.

You might have several other slangs you believed we could have included, but we didn’t kindly do us a favor of telling us the slang and their meaning in the comment box. We’re open to learning from you too.

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