December 1, 2022

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Am Dying In Silent! What Do I Do?

I got a work in missionary school. The Reverend sister in charge said I will be on probation for 12 months with #45k take home monthly.

As someone who has been at home for months I just accepted the job.

After one week in the office, I found out that the work was heavy on me to the extent that I will go home with lots of them to do at home.

I went back to her and pleaded if she can add small money to my salary, so she got angry and told me that they will pay me for the one week I worked for, that they don’t need my type of person to work with them, that It seems that I like money too much.

I cried that day to the extent that I can’t open my eyes very well.

She later said that she will give me second chance but she will reduce my salary to 42k.

I wrote an apology letter to her and I specifically told her to forgive for the sake of my mother and my son because am a single mother and am the one taking care of them.

When I received the alert, I saw truly that she removed the money.

She doesn’t respond to my greetings, other privileges she gave to workers,” I no dey smell am”, she acknowledged other new workers, she did not call my name.

Please I need advice because am just there because I don’t have option. Am dying in silence!

Thanks in anticipation

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