March 27, 2023

Desperate to get married and start up a family early, Sylvia Ukaatu got entangled with blood oath with her lover but unfortunately that one ignorant move backfired and she’s full of regrets.

In a chat with, the actress recalled how the journey of her heartbreaks started at 18.

“It all started when I was 18 year old. I fell in love, deeply in love. I was so carried away at that tender age. I was lured into a blood oath with my then lover. I never knew the repercussions behind such move. I was only young, naïve and in love.

We played along. I was happy. I was planning to settle down.

Until, love became sour. I tried to walk away, I begged to be freed but the guy refused, so I kept to myself and stared living life to the fullest. Even when he traveled out of the country, I encountered so many failed relationships without knowing what was behind it. Suitors were coming but on the day of the introduction, they would cancel. I waited for many years for him to come back. But it never happened.

I desperately needed to start a family, but that wasn’t forthcoming. I tried so many relationships, but they all failed,” she said amidst uncontrollable tears.

She continued: “The guy later came back last year and we spoke at length. I told him we should break the oath if he is no longer interested in getting married to me but he ignored me.
Then, a few months ago, my brother called me to search for his (My fiancé) name on Facebook that the said guy just got married. I quickly rushed to Facebook and checked.

I was shocked, but I laughed over it. But I can still feel the pains. Right deep inside my heart. I want to warn our young ones out there. Love is not enough for a blood oath. He deceived and used me.

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