April 17, 2021
“The Buhari I Know Will Not Release Sowore” – Frederick Odorige

“The Buhari I Know Will Not Release Sowore” – Frederick Odorige

The Global Coordinator of Nigerians in Diaspora under the aegis of Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria (GCSDN) Frederick Odorige has, in his daily Op-ed expressed his view on the arbitrary incaceration of Former Presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore

Read his views below:

The Retired Muhammadu Buhari that I know will not release Omoyele Sowore. He will harden his heart like Pharaoh until something happens. Left with Buhari, Sowore will be in detention as long as Buhari will be in office.

Buhari has no respect for the rule of law. He has no respect for the Nigerian constitution either. He strongly believes that he is above the law. He disrespected 5 court orders to release Sambo Dasuki. He disobeyed several court orders to release Nnamdi Kanu. He disobeyed 5 courts to release El-Zakzaky. He even disobeyed the order of the ECOWAS court. Buhari’s brain is filled with the years of military decrees. Once a soldier, always a soldier! A leopard does not change its spots. The worst attack against democracy is to vote ex-military officers as President, Governor or Legislator in Nigeria.

The only time Buhari respected court orders was when he manipulated the court to proscribe IPOB and Shiite muslims as terrorist groups. I do not upport the division of Nigeria but I strongly condemn the claim that IPOB is a terrorist group. Buhari’s mother died when he was in detention after the overthrow by Babaginda. He was not permitted to attend her burial ceremony. Therefore, anybody could be detained under Buhari against the rule of law. In his mind, he continually reasons “where was the law when IBB detained me?”

People like Ahmed Tinubu and others that Sowore exposed through his publications will further egg Buhari not to release him. That was the same way some members of the House of Representatives encouraged Buhari not to release El- Zakzaky; against court ruling.

Either of three things could happen. One, the tribunal could remove Buhari from Office and order the swearing in of Abubakar Atiku as president. Deep thinking predicts that Atiku could release Sowore to gain the support of the people.

If Buhari is removed, the military may not want to respect the order of the tribunal or court because they are loyal to Buhari. Crises!

They could form an interim government with the President of the Supreme court as interim President as it happened after the Egyptian revolution. He is Buhari’s lackey.

Two, Buhari could go the Abacha way and the mourning period could be manipulated in such a way that the Senate president could come on board while Sowore remains in detention because Osinbajo will be surreptitiously side-lined.

Three, Nigerians could react beyond words if the court extends the detention of Sowore. The reaction of Nigerians could catapult the real revolution which will be beyond Sowore. This will be greatly assisted by Nigerians in diaspora as they continue to boo and humiliate Nigerian politicians and their children abroad. The real pressure group will start from abroad because the humiliation will extend to the children of Nigerian politicians schooling abroad.

The Inspector General of Police and Shehu Garba spokesperson to Buhari had insinuated through the media, that our movement known as the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria is a veritable platform aiding the revolution in Nigeria. This shows that the government believes that Nigerians at home have conditioned themselves to romance with hardship, unemployment and insecurity.

The international humiliation of politicians and their children abroad will reach feverish height. The names and schools attended by their children abroad are reportedly being compiled. Nigerian politicians use their children schooling abroad to launder money from Nigeria.

For Sowore to be released by the voices of the Nigerian people, something will happen that will provoke Nigerians equally. We are getting to that level. Sowore’s freedom is in our hands as superintended by God. Chains fell when Herod’s soldiers were asleep. We must switch to anger mode and remain there. In doing so, Sowore will not only be free, but many other issues hindering our national progress will be forcefully addressed.

This can only happen if we put aside our basins of fufu like Mama Revolution of Oshogbo. That fufu basin of tribalism, regionalism and religion must be cast away.

The “questioning” of Ekweremadu in Germany precipitated by IPOB has raised our consciousness and we must maintain the momentum. Hate or like them, Sowore and Kanu have carved positive niches for themselves. They brought new consciousness and surrendered themselves for political freedom based on individual belief. I strongly prefer restructuring to the disintegration of our beloved country. Respect my opinion as I respect yours. If not for greedy politicians, we are too blessed to complain.

Though our famous artistes and Nollywood actors have selfishly remained silent, this freedom is here and we must have confidence in the victory ahead. We must stay focused, determined and resolute. If not revolution, then what?

When we succeed and they read our story tomorrow, our children will not believe that we passed through these roads of thorns.

Hallelluyah is an heavenly language.

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