March 22, 2023


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Hello Everyone,

Some days ago, FBI released the list of 77 Nigerians involved in massive Frauds in the US, just in case you missed the news, Click here to read the News + See the Full List of the Names

A closer looks at that list shows that 90% of those listed there are Igbos and this has since caused a lot of troubles on Social media.

Some Sad Things That Have Happened Ever Since FBI Released The List

➤ Western Union in Texas (State with the largest Nigerian population in the U.S) ban Money transfers to Nigeria

➤ Some American Companies already closed down their Nigeria’s offices claiming Nigerians are not trustworthy.

Igbos Are Much In Different Prisons All Over The World

➤ Many Nigerians are of the opinions that Igbos are the one soiling the Country’s name all over the world as far as Drugs and Fraud are concerned.

➤ According to many on Social media, they said Igbos top the list of Nigerians in Prisons all over the World for crime ranging from Cyber frauds to Drug Trafficking to 419, etc


Now, in all sincerity, forget the Tribe, answer these questions below 

Is It Right To Say Igbos Are The Greediest Tribe In Nigeria?

Are The Igbo Guilty Of Most Of The Atrocities Destroying The Reputations Of Nigeria?

We really want to hear from you all as regards this very important issue.

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