December 1, 2022

Dabiri-Erewa, the chairman of Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) released a statement on Friday stating that a few Nigerians engaging in criminal activities does not mean that the majority of the citizens are involved.

This stems from the recent arrest of 77 Nigerians on Thursday over their involvement in fraudulent activities in the United States of America.

Mrs. Dabiri-Erewa has charged other remaining suspects to turn themselves into the U.S. authorities.

In Her Words,

“We acknowledge the fact that accusation does not mean guilt, and we hope that all the accused will be given fair and speedy trial.

“We also ask those accused in Nigeria to voluntarily turn themselves into American authorities to clear their names without which the Nigerian government should extradite them if relevant international treaties between the two governments are invoked,”

“We advise and continuously resist any stereotype of Nigerians generally.

“The commission will continue to monitor the case closely,” Mrs Dabiri-Erewa further added.

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