November 29, 2022

The last time your girlfriend caught you cheating, how did that go?

The last time she saw a chat on your phone or heard something about you, how did that end?

Let me guess => She screamed, She cried, She packed her bags, She left

Then you called, texted, begged…

You called her friends, You called your friends,

You asked everyone to beg her on your behalf but she didn’t listen.

After she decided to forgive you, she still brought it up again in the future. She made you keep apologizing for the same thing over and over again

I do not know about you, but that sounds exhausting.

What if I told you there was a better way…

A way to make her forgive you without you begging….Without apologizing

Without you sacrificing your dignity as a man?

You see, women are the easiest set of people to manipulate in this world. You can manipulate a woman into doing anything you want,

Including forgiving you when she catches you cheating….

Yes, there are deep psychological tricks you can use on any woman to make her your SLAVE if you want.

The women who will see this will rant, and shout,

But ignore them…

That’s all they do in life

I know how the woman’s mind works, I have seen it over and over again in play.

So, I will tell you precisely what you should do when she catches you cheating…

Step No. 1

Never admit the crime

Sounds obvious, yet so many men fail.

Relationships are like courthouses. The one who wins is usually, the one who has the most convincing narrative.

You are innocent till God proclaims you guilty ( and that will never happen)

If a woman comes with accusing fingers, resist the urge to make a case in your defense.

Step No. 2

Flip the script.

So, she walks in, and asks you to explain a chat she saw…

Or she gets angry over a chat she saw…

Do Not try to explain yourself.

Instead, ask her why she decided to invade your privacy.

When you flip the script, you disarm your accuser…..

You accuser ALWAYS seeks to be in control of the narrative… take away that control, and your chances to win become higher

Step No. 3


When women get angry, they walk out, leaving you confused.

The first person to walk away always has the highest leverage.

Once you flip the script, walk away

Leave her chat unread…

Just walk out on her

When you do this, she is left confused, flustered, and embarrassed

This is what you want her to feel, let her float in her shame and confusion…

Step No. 4

Do not apologize

An apology means you have accepted guilt

Yes, she will throw a tantrum

She will cry, she will pack her bags, she will leave


She will sit by her phone waiting for your call or a text.

She will stalk your social media to see if you have moved on…. please post pictures of you living your best life

A confused woman is easily bent and manipulated

At this point, her anger wouldn’t be that you cheated,

her only anger will be that you didn’t apologize

At that moment, all she will want is your apology,

At this stage, there is only one thing left for you to do to get her crawling back to you and forgiving you without any form of apology


IMPORTANT NOTE:- These are dark psychological tricks and I will not be held liable for the consequences when you use them…

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