March 22, 2023

Car accidents may happen, no matter how careful you are. A sudden car crash can leave even the most experienced driver completely shaken up.

That’s why it’s it important to know what to do. So, after you catch your breath, here are what to do when you are involved in a car accident.

Stop And Check For Damage Or Injuries: 

Get out of your car safely and take the time to check on everyone involved, make sure to include all drivers, passengers, and any pedestrians. Also, look for any car damages. Call Federal Road Safety Commission or the Police for help.

Move To A Safe Place: If you can, try to move your car to the shoulder if the road or out of busy road/expressway. If moving your car is not an option turn on your hazard lights and put up the Triangle to alert other drivers.

Call the Police/Federal Road Safety Corps: 

Call FRSC toll –free – 122 line to report emergencies.

FRSC also has a 12-digit emergency line – 0700 2255 3772. and phone numbers of LASTMA and others for Lagos and environs too.

A police report is essential when dealing with your insurance company. Let the police objectively judge the events and determine who is at fault in the accident.

Never admit responsibility or blame others for the crash. If the fault cannot be determined by the police officer, your insurance carrier will determine the driver at fault.

Gather Information: 

Make sure to get the correct information, including:

• Names of everyone involved
• License plate numbers
• Insurance information (where the car(s) have comprehensive insurance).
• Makes and models of all vehicles involved.
• Location of the accident.
• Name and badge number of any responding police officers.
• Contact info for any eyewitnesses.

Document The Scene:

Take photos of the accident as soon as the accident occurs for your defence because offending drivers can run away or drive or push their cars in a less implicating position before the police and other relevant authorities arrive. Include images of your car and the other person’s car along with any injuries.

Contact Your Insurance Company(ies): 

Where you have a comprehensive Car Insurance Policy, file a claim with your insurance company.

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