December 2, 2022

Tracey Boakye, the Ghanaian actress who few days ago said her claim of paying men for sex was a joke, has served another and this time she is saying she has great respect for roadside prostitutes.

Decrying the ‘commercial sex workers’ tag on prostitutes when other women go about having sex with their boyfriends for material gains all in the name of ‘courtship’, the Ghanaian actress maintained that these prostitutes took bold steps to make money and support their needs.

She said in an interview with Sammy Flex

“In this world when you’re not married and you have sex, its prostitution. Whether you stand outside or do it indoors. Ghanaians we have a problem. We prefer those who always try to pretend.

“We are hypocrites. Someone is charging money for sex by the roadside, you on the other hand do it indoors yet at the end of the day, we tend to judge the roadside ones.

“If you’d ask me I’ll choose those who stand by the roadside any day because they’ve got courage”.

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