December 1, 2022

Wedding in America

Invited:- 100

Present at the church:- 80

Present at the reception:- 70

Gifts:- 65

Missing objects:- 0

Wedding in England

Invited:- 50

Present at the church:- 50

Present at the reception:- 48

Gifts:- 48

Missing objects:- 0

Wedding in Nigeria

Invited:- 500

Present at the church:- 38

Present at the reception:- 1,078

Gifts:- 18

Envelops:- 70

Delivered dishes:- 1,092

Missing items:- 20 phones, 300 spoons, 10 cake knives, one photographer’s camera missing, cans beers, bottles of wine and whisky, kidnapping of two of the guests, boyfriend looking for girlfriend, girlfriend looking for her boyfriend, remaining gifts missing, fighting outside, spoons missing, 50 chairs broken, 5 tables broken, 3 decoration curtains missing

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